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Some of the businesses and operations that use Pallet Racking Direct

Racking retailers

Pallet racking retailers like our pallet racking and systems because they can buy them wholesale and they know it is a top quality product made to Australian standards, so they’re happy and confident selling onto their business and private customers.

Large Hardware Stores & Franchises

They understand that the pallet racking they use must be strong enough to hold their stock for long periods of time and be 100% safe and WHS compliant for the general public, which is exactly what they receive with Pallet Racking Direct.

Of course, as all our pallet racking is interchangeable, they love that they can resize their pallet racking widths and heights easily, safely and quickly when they need to for different-sized stocks and materials.

Factory Owners

Factory owners love using Pallet Racking Direct products because it makes their business and staff’s lives easier, which improves production! They love the wholesale pricing, the quality and after sales service they receive from us, and that their stock and profits are well housed in our pallet racking.

Warehouse & Distribution Depots & Owners

They use our pallet racking for a variety of reasons. It gives them the luxury of being able to change the width and size of their pallet racking to hold different stocks and boxes. They can move their racking whenever and wherever they need to, which results in them and their staff having easier stock control processes and systems in place.

Commercial Developers

As many of them are involved in the building of mass developments, such as shopping centres, office block projects and the like, they purchase materials and hold them at a location close to their project.

They buy and use our pallet racking so their stock is kept in pristine condition and, of course, because they get save thousands buying our pallet racking for wholesale prices instead of buying it at retail.

They also love the investment factor, meaning they can pull their pallet racking down and move it to their next location, set it up again and hold materials for their next project.

Factory Builders

Like most of us, factory builders have a budget to work with, so the last thing they want is their budget to blow out. That’s why many prefer our wholesale pricing and the fact that all our racking is compatible, so it can be changed if their clients need to change it for different-sized stock or materials.

Warehouse Fit Out Services

Ask anyone who’s ever built a warehouse and they’ll tell you it is not an easy or cheap experience. Warehouse fit out services use our pallet racking because they can buy direct from us at wholesale prices and know the product is top quality, which their customers really appreciate because they know it is going to last and do the job it’s meant to do without any hassles.

Storage Companies

If you own a storage company you’re probably always fighting for room to hold stock. With Pallet Racking Direct you’ll add more holding space to your business almost instantly, you’ll eliminate having stock on the floor and you’ll be maximising the safety of your employees.

Our wholesale Australian standard pallet racking is perfect for warehouses that hold and ship products, Factory owners, Large Hardware Stores & Franchises that hold stock, racking retailers, Commercial Developers, Factory Builders and various other businesses and operations, so…

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