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Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Racking Direct

Q. Can I customise my pallet racking order?
A. Yes, of course. Every order we place is custom to suit each of our customers perfectly. Not everyone has the same business, the same factory or the same needs, so I will call and talk directly to you to put together a tailored package that suits your needs exactly.

Q. Do you install?
A. Installation is available in metropolitan areas.

Q. Where can I get my ordered delivered to?
A. We’ll deliver it to you anywhere in Australia.

Q. What is the minimum order?
A. There is no minimum order quantity as all of our quotes are customised to suit. However, as we are a wholesaler, we sell in wholesale quantities only.

Q. Does the product meet Australian Standards?
A. Absolutely. All our products are made to Australian Standards and are sampled and tested for quality in each production run.

Q. What sizes does the pallet racking come in?
A. There are 4 different products: cantilever racking, drive in racking and both light and heavy duty pallet racking. What is right for you depends on the weights you will be loading on the pallets, and where it will be installed.

Q. What warranty does your product have?
A. All our racking comes with a 5-year structural warranty as standard, but racking will last 20+ years if looked after correctly, i.e. not overloading the shelves, not driving the forklift into it etc. With basic care the product will last for a lifetime.

Q. What heights do the pallet racking come in?
A. The racking can be anywhere from 2 shelves high to 6m high, depending on the space you have to fill and the heights of the pallets you are storing.

Q. How many pallets per bay?
A. The bays can be 1-3 pallets wide.

Q. What is the weight limits on the shelves?
A. The light duty shelves are for weights up to 300kg, and the heavy duty can be anywhere from 1.4 – 3.1 tonne, depending on the beam sizes you choose to suit.

Q. How are the racks secured?
A. All racks are secured to the floor using base plates and floor anchors. The standard style racking can also be secured to the wall for extra safety. All fixings are provided in the kit; when you take delivery you have absolutely everything you need to install immediately.

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