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Hi, and welcome to the Pallet Racking Direct website!

Chris Montgomery, Owner
Pallet Racking Direct

My name is Chris Montgomery and I’m the owner and operator of Pallet Racking Direct.

I’m married, have a one-year old daughter and for the past 10 years I’ve been running my own boiler-making, welding and fabrication business.

Over that time, I’ve had my fair share of experience of ordering and using pallet racking, both for my own business and for friends who have asked me for my advice, which lead me to starting Pallet Racking Direct.

Of course, there are quite a few other reasons I started Pallet Racking Direct, some of which are:

  • I wanted to make sure people are buying something that is safe and decent quality, instead of dangerous, cheap imports that are not to Australian Standards.
  • Seeing I have all this experience with steel work, welding and so on, pallet racking is perfect because I know what to look for, what to avoid, what is good quality and what will be strong enough for Aussie businesses.
  • I wanted to create something of value for our pallet racking customers to help them succeed in their business.
  • And, I wanted to start a family owned business, that one day I can pass onto our children.

I’m also a mad AFL fan, fishing and outdoorsman that works hard and plays hard.

And since I started Pallet Racking Direct I’ve discovered a lot too. For example:

  • A lot of the cheaper racking that doesn’t meet Australian Standards.
  • Not all racking is compatible with Australian Racking – which means you may not be able to add it to your existing racking.
  • Racking that is cheap is usually light duty.
  • Not having the right grade of pallet racking to handle the weight you need to store can be disastrous for your business.
  • Some pallet racking services may charge extra for the fixings, which ends up costing you a lot more than you were originally quoted.
  • And overall, that it is not cost or time effective to purchase cheap pallet racking.

The last thing you want your pallet racking to do is to come crashing down with all your stock in it, not only because of the damaged stock costs, but because it may injure someone in the process.

So there it is, a little of the Chris Montgomery story, which I am sure you will get to know in more detail as you get to know me and Pallet Racking Direct better.

Our wholesale Australian standard pallet racking is perfect for warehouses that hold and ship products, Factory owners, Large Hardware Stores & Franchises that hold stock, racking retailers, Commercial Developers, Factory Builders and various other businesses and operations, so…

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