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14 Benefits and Advantages Of Pallet Racking Direct

The team at Pallet Racking Direct and I pride ourselves on supplying the best quality pallet racking at wholesale prices with service second to none, so your pallet racking is an investment in your business, not an inconvenience.

Below are just some of the advantages and feature you’ll receive with Pallet Racking Direct.

  1. All our pallet racking is compatible, so you’ll be able to make your pallet racking different sizes and shapes to hold your stock or materials as you need to.
  2. You’ll add more space instantly!
  3. You’re buying direct at wholesale prices, which can save you thousands in the short and long term.
  4. You can choose from a large range of Cantilever, Drive In, Light & Heavy Duty Pallet Racking.
  5. We deliver Australia-wide.
  6. You can customise your order with a mix of different pallet racking.
  7. You receive a fixed price and everything’s included, so there’s no hidden costs for extra fittings or anything else!
  8. There is no minimum order quantity, as all of our quotes are customised to suit your needs However, as we are a wholesaler, we sell in wholesale quantities only.
  9. All our pallet racking is made to Australian standards.
  10. The racking can be anywhere from 2 shelves high to 6m high, depending on the space you have to fill and the heights of the pallets you are storing.
  11. The bays can be 1-3 pallets wide.
  12. You receive a 5- year structural warranty and the expected lifespan is 20+ years with fair use.
  13. Subject to the pallet racking you choose, the light duty shelves are for weights up to 300kg, and the heavy duty ones can be anywhere from 1.4 – 3.1 tonne, depending on the beam sizes you choose.
  14. We take care of everything for you and work, advise and guide you every step of the way, from the time you order to delivery, and with our after-sales service and support.

Our wholesale Australian standard pallet racking is perfect for warehouses that hold and ship products, Factory owners, Large Hardware Stores & Franchises that hold stock, racking retailers, Commercial Developers, Factory Builders and various other businesses and operations, so…

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